PS Vita Emulator For PC

PSVEP is a research project for emulating PlayStation Vita and PS3 games on a Windows PC. The ps vita emulator is written in C++ and is semi open-source, which means you can get access to the source by contacting us and can be downloaded for free. At the current stage, the emulator can smoothly run PS Vita and PlayStation 3 games at a rate of 45FPS. No special hardware is required to run PSVEP. The only requirement for the PS Vita Emulator is to have at-least 2GB of RAM on your PC and a decent internet connection to download and install the program.

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Automatic updates

The PSVEP is automatically searching for updates when you launch the program. This means that you will never have to redownload the emulator after your first installment.

Doubled FPS

Normally, the PS Vita runs games at a rate of 30FPS. Our emulator can run games up to 60FPS, which is only possible when running games on a decent PC.

Semi open-source

The PS Vita Emulator is semi open-source, which means you can view the source by contacting us and proving you are a developer that is capable of maintaining the code.

Download PSVEP

Get the latest stable release of PSVEP by navigating to our download section

PS Vita Emulator Gameplay

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Current PS Vita Emulator Features

60 FPS Gameplay

Unlike the regular PS Vita, that only plays games at a rate of 30 FPS, the PSVEP runs games at an incredible rate of 60 frames per second.

Game Compatibility

Currently, there are a lot of games that are compatible with the PSVEP. The statistics can be found below.

Gameplay Quality

Once we launched our first release, the games could only be played in low video quality. Over the time this has drastically improved.

Gaming Platforms

Currently, only PS Vita and PlayStation 3 games can be run on the PSVEP. We are trying to make it work for PS4 games aswell.

What is a PS Vita Emulator?

The PSVEP is a program that lets you play PlayStation Vita games directly on your computer, without having to have a PSV yourself. This can come in very handy when your budget is low and you still want to enjoy the gameplay. That’s the exact reason we have created this program, the PSVEP, which at this moment is the only¬†working PS Vita Emulator for PC. Below you will find a compatibility overview of the current release.

  • Playable: 44 88%
  • Nothing: 2 4%
  • Bugs: 2 4%
  • Intro: 1 2%
  • Crash: 1 2%

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Please note that we can only help with the PSV Emulator issues, any hardware related issues is your own problem and we won’t reply to any questions about that.